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Our mission

We collaborate in the identification and solution of the needs of the Hispanic community, offering help and services de integration, promotion and participation, educating and using strategies for personal and family growth. We are Activators of services based on values and respect for the Hispanic community in order to help obtain an important standard of living integrated into American society. 

Our Clients Say

My name is Keyla Perez Silvera, I am originally from Sonora Mexico, I came to this country in 2007 with the K visa I moved to Reno NV 10 months ago, since last year I have been looking for legal help  calling different lawyers but unfortunately I had the same answer... that they couldn't help me. National Hispanic Services by appointment listened to my case, they got me the legal help that I have been looking for. In my case, one of the assistants   personally accompanied me to the assigned lawyer's office, always with a positive attitude despite the fact that we spent more than an hour in the entire process. The lawyer who attended me that day was clear and gave me the advice I needed. These people who are part of Servicios Hispanos Nacionales are really clear about their mission and vision, making me feel part of it. I am deeply grateful to Servicios Hispanos for showing me the way and the next step, with the help they offer I will go for citizenship.

Keyla Perez Silvera

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